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Walters Power UK – United Kingdom

Walters Power International, together with Fortress Funds, a New York based investment fund, decided to deploy some excess equipment into the Short-Term Operating Reserve Program, under the STOR regulations of the National Grid in the UK in 2008. The first project was in Trumfleet, UK.  This initial 8.8MW project led to what is now company called UK Power Reserve that has over 500MW of such projects. Trumfleet consisted of 4X12V220 engines that were installed by First Energy. Soon after this project was deployed, UK Power Reserve was formed and Trumfleet was rolled into this successor organization.



Business Meeting

UK Power Reserve – United Kingdom

Walters Power International, through its affiliate UK Power Reserve Ltd. (UKPR) completed eleven power plants in the UK, totaling approximately 130MW for the UK National Grids Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) service.  As the UK transitioned from high-carbon generation plants, UKPR developed power plants to address anticipated peak power shortages.

WPI founded Walters Power UK in 2008 and with JV partners, Fortress Funds (New York) and Barclays (London) rolled up the assets into UKPR in 2009.  David Walters served as CEO and Chairman of the Board and ran the UKPR operation until WPI sold its interest to investors in 2013. The company continues as a successful and significant player in the capacity markets in the UK.  [Add another photo for UKPR.

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