Walters Power International is a global provider of local power. WPI and its affiliated companies combine the expertise of independent power professionals with 25 years of international experience, combining extensive international networks with financial resources to develop power projects and associated infrastructure around the world.

Strategic Solutions for Successful Project Development
Caterpillar 3516

Equipment Sales

WPI maintains a significant inventory of immediately available diversified power generation equipment to support WPI's projects and others.

Commercial and Technical Advisors

WPI shares with clients more than two decades of experience that has honed unique skills for the structure, financing and implementation of power projects, particularly in  distributed and renewable generation, demand response management and emissions capture and control. 

Power Plant Development

Walters Power International ("WPI") has organized and completed more than one billion dollars in over 150 projects.  WPI provides a variety of roles from owner operator to commercial and technical advisor.  

Power Plant Operation

WPI has directly provided O&M for power projects, but more frequently negotiates and contracts with a trusted group of engineering and operations and maintenance experts to provide for power plant operations.


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